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The process of getting a new job can really suck.

Spending hours applying online for job after job and getting no response...
Going through stressful interviews and never being the one picked for the job...
Getting passed over for promotions you KNOW you're qualified for...


Maybe you’re working a job that you despise
and you know deep down that there MUST be something out there that
would be more interesting, fulfilling, and still allow you to make a living…
but you don’t know how to find it.


Maybe you don't even know
WHAT kind of work would make you happy...

From the storm comes the power


Over 90,000 hours of your life will be spent working… that’s a really long time to do something you hate, aren’t good at, or simply don’t find inspiring… even if it’s lucrative!

Whether you’re

  • Trying to leave a soul-sucking job you hate
  • Considering a major career field shift
  • Looking for your first-ever job
  • Just trying to find more fulfillment and joy in your daily work life

We understand that career-related decisions can be overwhelming, stressful, and frustrating.

That's why we're here to help you build kickass job-searching skills and find fulfilling jobs that align with your strengths, purpose, and life goals.

Don't know what those are yet?

Don't worry - we've got you covered!


Courses and Books

If you have a resume, you NEED this eBook!  Applying for a new job can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life!  What if you spend hours applying for positions you KNOW you're qualified for, only to never get called for an interview?

How much more confident would you feel if you got insider advice from an experienced Hiring Manager who knows EXACTLY how to make your resume stand out  so you can get more interviews?

In this short eBook, Melanie pulls back the curtain to expose the cold hard truths about the online job application process that could be keeping your resume from getting noticed.
Melanie reveals WHO really looks at your resume, unveils WHAT they really want, and explains EXACTLY HOW to give it to them.

This self-paced, online course reveals exactly what happens to your application inside and gives you an “insider secret” SUPER HACK specifically for federal job applications that will skyrocket your chances of getting an interview! is the job application website for the United States Federal Government – and it’s kind of a tricky beast.

Whether you’ve been in the federal government for a while, or you’re newly interested in joining the federal workforce, you’re eventually going to wind up applying for positions or promotions using  Mastering the art of USAJOBS applications is critical if you want to be successful! 

1:1 Programs


Through a series of one-on-one sessions and inspirational coaching exercises, your personal career coach will help you:

  • Discover your natural gifts and how to align them with your work for a more rewarding experience every day.
  • Address any problem areas that are holding you back from achieving your dream job.
  • Prepare effectively to make a career "Lane Change" if your current work is unsatisfying.

Get intentional about living your dream life, and yes, that includes your work!  You'll gain the clarity and self-knowledge you need to take the next steps in your career journey with confidence. 


We believe YOU have everything you need to create an amazing resume without hiring an expensive resume-writing service.  We'll show you:

  • What really happens to your resume and job application behind-the-scenes in the online hiring  process. 
  • The three audiences you have to impress with your resume, and what they're each looking for!
  • How to use the ROCKSTAR method to create a resume that stands out from the competition in all the RIGHT ways!

With guided exercises, hands-on help, and personalized feedback from an experienced hiring manager, you'll leave this program with a polished, effective resume that hiring managers will love!

Interview CHAMPS

How much more confident would you be walking into your next job interview if an experienced Hiring Manager shared with you:

  • The ONE THING every hiring manager is looking for and how to demonstrate that you have it during an interview.
  • A proven, 5-step method that prepares you to answer ANY interview question thrown at you.
  • Expert tips and strategies for handling interview questions designed to trip you up.  

You'll leave this program with the one-on-one coaching, preparation groundwork, and confidence to slay your next job interview - no matter what questions you're asked!

These programs are also available for Corporate clients.
Want to help your A-team level-up their skills to compete for promotions?
Or are you downsizing and you want to give folks a leg-up on finding their next career opportunity?
CONTACT US for help!

Speaking and Workshops

Do you need a guest speaker or an engaging workshop for your next conference, meeting, or event?

We provide dynamic, interactive experiences that leave audiences empowered, inspired, and armed with practical tools they can implement immediately.

Women's groups, professional societies, college students - any group of people eager to achieve their career dreams will benefit from our enjoyable and down-to-earth sessions on topics including:

  • Confessions of a Hiring Manager: How to Slay a Job Interview

Interviewing for a new job can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. What if you say the wrong thing? What if you don’t know the answers to the questions? How much more confident would you be if you knew the ONE THING every hiring manager is really looking for? And what if you could go into your interview with a proven, 5-step strategy to show them you have it? Melanie will tell you all the secrets and give you the winning formula to slay your next interview – no matter WHAT questions you’re asked!

  • Confessions of a (Federal) Hiring Manager: Behind the Scenes in

Is applying for federal governemnt positions in leaving you feeling discouraged and overlooked despite your qualifications? Melanie will decode what really goes on behind the scenes in federal job applications and explain common stumbling blocks that may be hindering you. She‘ll give you a powerful yet little-known SUPER HACK that will catapult your chances of "Making the Cert" and leave the hiring manager DYING to interview you! Say goodbye to the headache of the USAJOBS application process and hello to slaying your federal government career goals!

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Crystal Zorich

“Melanie's resume and interview techniques are game changers! Since implementing what I learned from Melanie, I've experienced incredible success in my career.  I've made not one, but two major career moves, and landed a promotion at a new agency!

After updating my resume using the techniques Melanie suggested, I saw a massive spike in the number of callbacks I received.  Her ROCKSTAR method is super easy to follow, and her personalized feedback on my resume was insightful and helpful. It was mind-blowing to learn what was really happening to my resume during the job application process, and Melanie showed me how to make it through each stage successfully – And I DID!  As an added bonus - I feel confident incorporating future roles into my resume without needing help.

Melanie's interview prep method is 100% effective!  Despite feeling confident in my interview skills previously, learning her CHAMPS method took my confidence to new heights. Instead of dreading interviews, I was actually looking forward to them! I knew how to prepare in advance so I could walk in knowing exactly what to talk about.  And guess what? I nailed every single interview since working with Melanie. I either got the job or was invited for a second round of interviews!

I have been recommending Melanie to all my friends who are ready to apply for new jobs and take their careers to the next level. She’s the real deal.  Her techniques WORK, and they've made a world of difference in my career and I can’t thank Melanie enough!”

JIllian Hannah Interview Testimonial

Jillian Hannah

“My Interview Preparation Session with Melanie really set me up for success!  We’ve all had friends ask us common questions to help us prep for an interview, but the session with Melanie took things to a new level.  Melanie showed me a simple method to identify what I wanted the interviewers to know about me.  Then she helped me craft those thoughts into ready-to-go examples that I could apply to a variety of interview questions I was likely to be asked. 

Melanie’s experience as a Hiring Manager was valuable in pointing out where I could highlight certain parts of my experience that I hadn’t thought about.   The process she walked me through during our session really streamlined my interview preparation and saved me a lot of time.  Due to Melanie’s help and insights, I walked into my interview with confidence and walked out beaming - knowing I'd absolutely nailed it."

Denise Testimonial Photo

Denise Acors

"I had the privilege of working with Melanie to prepare my resume and enhance my interview skills and her extensive experience and knowledge was incredibly helpful. Melanie has a deep understanding of what organizations and employers are looking for. She helped me understand what hiring managers’ goals are and how to tie my skillset to the job listing as she polished my resume to showcase my potential.

Melanie provided invaluable guidance during my interview preparation process. Again, she helped me reframe my work experience to communicate to the hiring management what I can offer while providing real examples of my work.

Both the resume work and the interview preparation were critical in helping me apply for the job with confidence and clarity. With Melanie’s extensive hiring experience and wisdom in how she assists clients, I highly recommend her for any assistance in the hiring process."


Morgan Mailhot

Working with Melanie has completely transformed my life! Melanie was so good at helping me figure out what I truly wanted ... even when I hadn't realized it yet. I've not only learned so much about myself and what's needed for me to succeed ... but also how to understand and communicate better with others. I'll use all the skills I've learned with her throughout my career and in my day-to-day life.

Since I started working with Melanie, I've gotten a new job in my dream career field with a raise in pay! And I've gained the confidence to communicate what I need and want in my personal and work life. She's made my life 10 times easier than I ever thought it could be."

mia testimonial

Mia Zurcher

I requested Melanie’s coaching support at a critical point in my career.  Through a variety of circumstances, I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to figure out what direction I needed to take my career.  Melanie was empathetic, understanding, and extremely helpful in helping me to understand what my skills and attributes are and how I could use them to improve my role in my current organization or make a move that would better align with my personal goals. 

I am so grateful for Melanie’s support and coaching expertise because I now feel like I truly understand how I can create a career or make a career change that honors my gifts and allows me to be my authentic self.

John R Testimonial LI PHoto

John R. (DoD Third Level Supervisor)

"Melanie is the type of coach that brings multiple decades of leadership culminating in years of executive time in the seat to the coaching experience.  She leverages powerful questions to help me cut through the complexities of my executive work life.  She has lived it and has leveraged her unique perspective to impact my growth and performance as a professional.  I am a coach myself and I am familiar with the quality spread that is on the market.  She is top notch and worth the investment."

About Your Coach

Melanie Lashus

Hey there!  I'm Melanie.

After years of giving feedback to disappointed people
about why I didn't select them for jobs,
I decided to start helping people BEFORE they applied for the jobs, instead of after.

I'm someone who:

  • Spent over a decade as a Hiring Manager reading resumes, interviewing people individually and on panels, and personally deciding whether or not they got the job
  • Knows first-hand what it’s like to completely change career fields, quit a job, search online for jobs, and ultimately figure out my dream career and make it happen
  • Has first-hand experience working in the operational, technical, and Human Resources (HR) sides of organizations in both the federal government AND the private sector and knows how the hiring process works from the INSIDE

My 20+ year career includes supervisory roles in engineering, program management, adult education, human resources and talent management. I’m also a certified coach.

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